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Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Service

I feel the need to interrupt the regularly scheduled service of daily practices to share my sermon from Sunday. I am convinced that we are at such a time that my tribe, white Euro American, cisgender, educated, and wealthy need to get out of the way of the progress of others. Especially with regard to the treatment…

Sermon on Revelation 21/22 – An Excerpt

This will soon be delivered to Orting UMC! On Revelation 21:10, 22 – 22:5 But it really isn’t an artistic depiction of heaven that we are being called to, is it? It is the New Jerusalem that will descend from heaven, where God will dwell and where we will see God face-to-face. Hmm, maybe this…

Saul: Lamenting a Man of Promise

My sermon on David’s lament of Saul. It apparently went well. My most cherished comment was, “your delivery was so easy, like you were playing cards with us!” So now you have to read it so you can see why he would mention playing cards. ;-)