Were you there? The night that #DreamUMC happened? It was a wondrous conversation with ideas and a free-flowing spirit on Twitter. And it was a grass roots effort of laity and clergy to imagine a new way. Becca Clark gives us a great summary.

We Your People, Ours the Journey

Monday night was magic.

We had our first Twitter Chat for #DreamUMC, the conversation born out of the strong desire to keep shaping the future of our denomination in the wake of General Conference. You can read the full archive of the chat here, or you can view bullet points of answers to the questions we discussed (and some unofficial demographic info) at the facebook page.

First of all, wow! There were 171 people tweeting, and many many more I know who were “lurking,” or as I call it, actively listening. We sent 1,272 tweets, not including retweets. That’s a lot of conversation in an hour! Although dominated by younger voices, the conversation spanned generations, came down fairly even on gender representation, included voices of clergy, laity, and folks between the two, and crossed the U.S. pretty well. We have some work to do…

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  1. Terri, this particular “answer” to that #DreamUMC tweet session really grabbed my spirit just now:
    “■We need to find new ways to be engage in “holy conferencing” that aren’t primarily legislative.”

    I pray for “holy conferencing” between all seeking souls all over the world!


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