ghost town

Week 35 Poetry Rally Awards for Ghost Town

Jingle Poetry Rally Awards for Ghost Town

ghost town

small, still voice of wind,
tossing my tumbleweed-thoughts
that roll through a ghost town.

here, my safety has been
abandoned to the rats and mice
that hide from revelation,
distrusting that light
so much that they will not stay
and visit. the locks and guns
have been jammed by mud-caked
memories of injustice,
in the sheriff’s office.

the hollow-hallow notes of the
player-piano silent
except for the collapsing
frame that drops pieces of itself
crashing onto the discordant keys,
creating a nightmare sound of
happiness twisted into grief,
twisted into a mockery of joy,
in the saloon.

the telegraph does not speak
into the future, the wires
have frayed and disconnected
from the source of consolation,
reality has dissolved letters of love
or news of the war and the
beloved sears & roebuck catalog,
in the post-office.

the ghost town disgusts me.
especially when the wind is
blowing and changing all that
i know into something unknown
ripping the roof apart and causing
the cacophony of noises to come
in from all directions telling
me, what?  untrustworthy voice!

so small and still or
so big and booming

telling me to tear the walls apart
bare-handed until my fingers
become bloody stubs and
yet you insist that i see you,
listen to you, the wind destroying
the small community of barn owls
and bats that i have built in my
ghost town.  i do not want to hear
you.  the owls and bats are my
saving grace.

Terri Stewart, Dec. 2010

Agreement 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 35 Participants

Thursday Poets Rally Week 35 (December 16-22)

Note:  this musing was brought on by contemplating what it means to be spiritual and to have had experiences of mental illness.  The desire to listen to an inner voice, an outer voice, any voice! is held in tension with a deep distrust of voices.  What language do we put around spiritual talk (in an inter-faith community) when voice is compromised?  I think this led to the answer…owls and bats.  The sustainers. 

45 thoughts on “ghost town

  1. First, the words: “the hollow-hallow notes of the
    player-piano” is a brilliant phrase.

    This meditation caught my manic depressive mind and held it. I recognized the haunting, the scurrying creatures, as things I see in my own mind. This should be submitted to NAMI for possible publication, or to Awakenings Review.

    Amy Barlow Liberatore


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  3. I totally enjoyed it. I gave it a whole set of meaning lol. I saw it as a person who is just tired and lost, happily staying in her own mind and reality keeps seeping in, people and commitments begging to come out of that state but the person is unwilling lol
    Thanks for the additional note. I do believe that it can be read in different ways as well. I TOTALLY ENJOYED THE READ. THANK YOU, L.


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  5. Wow, I really really enjoyed this. After reading your description on what it is about, I was left even more in awe. Great work! Sometimes I feel that other voices bring on insanity, rather than bringing my state of mind to a certain calm. :)


    • I realate to the idea of other voices bringing on the insanity! That’s pretty much how I feel about news and politics… Although I am strangely attracted to them. But that is another write for another day!


  6. I love the imagery used in this poem as it resounds with my views of the world, especially in my sleepless nights. This poem strikes accord with my life and causes me to see things on a grander scale than my usual musings of my mind (normally a house not a town). Great poem.
    The Lonely Recluse.


  7. I live in Nevada, a place of many ghost towns. Taken in a purely literal way, this poem is perfect–so descriptive of the reality you are speaking to. Ramp it up to the level of spiritual desolation, it’s brilliant. Going back to read it over now.


  8. The imagery of a ghost town and all the feelings it congures up you brillantly played with here. I’ve been to a real ghost town and you nailed it. I have felt like I belonged or wanted to be in a ghost town and you nailed that too. Great job


  9. how are you?

    let me know after you are done:

    #1: return favor to poets who are here,
    #2: commented for 18 poets NEW to you,

    Happy Saturday!
    Thanks form the contribution!


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  12. How are you?

    Season’s Greetings!
    You are nominated, you win one vote, if you nominate other poets, you win another vote 4 yourself, in addition, voting helps you exposed to other poets and make new friends in our community. Hope to see you vote..
    Merry Christmas,
    Hope to See you at potluck week 16 tomorrow…
    We will have a break after week 16, and come back on week 18…
    Your support means a world to us..


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